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A new destination on the map of Bulgaria for lovers of juicy steaks and fish delicacies — this is «Garden Hill» Restaurant

Restaurant «Garden Hill»

A new destination on the map of Bulgaria for lovers of juicy steaks and fish delicacies - this is Garden Hill Restaurant, with a sense of dignity, with its own character, predisposes to quiet lunch and dinners well as to business meetings, dates, family gatherings and birthdays. For establishing its reputation, a chef with international experience works hard, so attention is paid to every detail. By visiting the «Garden Hill Restaurant », you can choose any of your favorite dishes without worrying about how well they complement each other. This has already been taken care of by the chef, so your choices will be always harmonious, regardless of the selected dishes. A worthy complement to such exquisite dishes will be the drinks with a harmonious and rich flavor. Wines offered to your attention are the best addition to the unique dishes from the menu. Just a sip is enough to feel the sumptuous depth of flavor and the passion put in to every bottle.
Inside - 70 seat Covered terrace - 50 seats Open terrace - 40 seats

Our dishes

Selection from our menu

Shopska salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, onion, cheese, parsley, olives) 300 gr 4,90 BGN
Grilled zucchini with cheese and garlic sauce 180 gr. 5,40 BGN
Grilled Sea Bass 300 gr. 16,60 BGN
Tagliatelle with tomato sauce and basil 300 gr. 5,80 BGN
Red wine "Merlot Mezzek" 0.7 24 BGN
White wine "Sauvignon Blanc River Stone" 0.7 27 BGN
Wine "Villa Yambol" 0.250 5 BGN